What is Global Women’s Project?

Rooted in the Church of the Brethren, GWP seeks to educate about wealth, power and oppression, encouraging one another to live more simply, being mindful of our luxuries, and join in empowerment with women around the world, sharing resources with women's initiatives. Read more about GWP and our founding in 1978. Donations are welcome! You … Continue reading What is Global Women’s Project?


June E-Links

Summer has always been a favorite season of mine. It's filled with things I love: vacations, gardening, splashing in the pool, camping, shopping at the local farmers market, and enjoying company on a porch. Although summer is filled with a lot of fun there are also many luxuries built in and have hidden cost. Vacations … Continue reading June E-Links

Peace be with you… and your messes (Global e-Links, January edition)

One of my favorite things about living in a van is that we just can't accumulate much stuff. We can still have a cluttered home (and usually do) but if we decide to clean/purge we don't have an attic or basement overwhelming the task. Post-Christmas clutter isn't only gifts and new purchases cluttering your home. … Continue reading Peace be with you… and your messes (Global e-Links, January edition)

December E-Links

Greetings in this Advent season! Advent...what does it mean to you (other than getting-ready-for-Christmas)? The word comes from Latin for "coming" as we mark these weeks before we celebrate the coming of God-in-human-flesh. It's already 50 degrees as I write this message from Morelia, Mexico--but our nights have grown longer, along with the rest of the northern hemisphere. It is in these … Continue reading December E-Links