Rooted in the Church of the Brethren, GWP seeks to educate about wealth, power and oppression, encouraging one another to live more simply, being mindful of our luxuries, and join in empowerment with women around the world, sharing resources with women’s initiatives. Read more about GWP and our founding in 1978.

October Updates

Greetings, Global Women’s Project supporters!

GWP Steering Committee with Marlene & Lyle Neher of the Ivester COB

GWP Steering Committee with Marlene & Lyle Neher of the Ivester COB

We had a very productive steering committee meeting earlier this month in Iowa. We stayed with members of the Ivester Church of the Brethren (Marlene and Lyle Neher, pictured with the steering committee here) and worshiped with that community on Sunday. Several of us have personal connections with that church, so it was especially meaningful to re-connect. We broke bread with the congregation on Sunday morning (World Communion Sunday) and told some stories about breaking bread (in the metaphorical sense) with women around the world. We feel deeply blessed to be connecting in various ways with global women and doing the work of GWP as the volunteer steering committee. We welcomed our newest member, Carol Leland, to her first meeting. She will be introduced more in our annual newsletter (look for that in early 2015).

If you have a new mailing address (since January 2014) or would like to be added to our newsletter mailing list, please email us at cobgwp@gmail.com. You can look forward to reading updates from all of our partner projects in our newsletter in January. Thank you for your ongoing support. We couldn’t do the work we do without the support of our donors!

Blessings to you all this fall,

Tina Rieman

GWP Steering Committee member

When the Global Women’s Project Steering Committee meets in person twice a year, one of the things we always end up talking about is relationships. What I mean by that is that GWP understands our work to be about forming partnerships, making deep connections with people, and striving to make the world a better place for women in solidarity with one another. As a steering committee, we always start our meetings by checking in with one another and sharing our joys and concerns. At our in person meetings and at Annual Conference, we connect with GWP supporters by sharing about our projects and resources, and by listening to what you all have to say about social justice and economic privilege. In order to support our five projects around the world, which we purposely call “Partner Projects,” we are in regular communication with contacts who work directly with these groups and can best assess their needs. GWP does its most powerful work when all of these layers of relationships are nurtured together. 15

Rwanda Project

Rwanda Project

During our last conference call, GWP had the opportunity to deepen one of these connections by speaking with Esperance Nyirandayisenga, our contact for our project in Rwanda. Esperance described some of the work the women in her community are doing, such as weaving baskets to sell to tourists, making quilts, and doing agricultural work like growing vegetables and raising sheep and goats. She shared that a group of about 42 women meet each week to discuss their life situations and who is in need. These women each contribute a little money to a common fund, which they then use to help women create small businesses. GWP’s grants to this project have helped the women to buy seeds, tools, and land for their agricultural endeavors. We are so grateful to have had this time to connect with Esperance!

Have you connected with GWP lately? Check out our website or our Facebook page. And if you’re in the Ivester area, we’re coming to you October 3-5!
With you on the journey,
Emily Matteson
GWP Steering Committee
Steering Committee Member Pearl Miller greets COB conference goers at the GWP booth

Steering Committee Member Pearl Miller greets COB conference goers at the GWP booth

Global Women’s Project’s presence at Church of the Brethren Annual Conference 2014 in Columbus Ohio was marked by a Nigeria-themed display table inviting all who came by the table to send greetings and prayers for our sisters and brothers in the EYN church in Nigeria. Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa Nigeria (EYN) is in the heart of the region of Northeastern Nigeria that is experiencing deaths, kidnappings, and displacement as Boko Haram, an extremist group wields its campaign of terror in that area.

Global Women’s Project sponsored a session with Dr. Rebecca Dali, who spoke to an audience of approximately 50 about how lives have been affected by the conflict and the work of the organization she founded, Centre for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives. CCEPI has distributed relief materials to those displaced by the violence, and provided a comforting presence to those who have lost children and family members, homes, farms and churches. CCEPI and EYN have continued to uphold the importance of living in the way of Christ’s
Rebecca Dali speaks at Annual Conference

Rebecca Dali speaks at Annual Conference

At the display area, GWP also had an opportunity to visit with those who came by, to distribute Lenten calendars, and to offer information about the work of Global Women’s Project and its partners in Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Nepal and the USA. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! If you missed our booth or were unable to attend the conference but have questions about GWP, our projects, or our resources, please send us an email or find us on Facebook. We look forward to sharing with you!

We are excited about the upcoming Church of the Brethren Annual Conference July 2-6 in Columbus, OH. If you will be at the conference, we hope you can visit the Global Women’s Project booth in the Exhibit Hall. We are sharing a Conversation Circle with Womaen’s Caucus, Brethren Mennonite Council and Open Table Cooperative. GWP Steering Committee member Pearl Miller will be at the conference. 
Pick up some GWP materials, update your information in our mailing list and write notes of encouragement and/or prayers to our friends in Nigeria, especially the families affected by the latest violence. These prayers for peace and understanding will later be given to the Nigerian EYN delegation with our prayers for peace and understanding. 
We also have invited Dr. Rebecca Dali, as part of EYN delegation from Nigeria, to share with us at 4:30 p.m. (following the business session) on Thursday, July 3rd at the conversation circle close to the Global Women’s Project booth. We’ll have an opportunity to visit informally with Dr. Dali about the situation in Nigeria at that time. Please join us in the conversation. 
GWP Steering Committee

If you are like me and just now thinking about how you would like to honor your mother and/or another special woman in your life on May 11th, I invite you to consider participating in GWP’s Mother’s Day Gratitude Project. It’s quick, easy and, most important of all, celebrates not only the important women in our lives but helps women and girls in our Partner Projects throughout the world! Here’s how it works:


  1. Write a note with the name and address of the woman/women you would like to honor on Mother’s Day.
  2. Enclose a check made out to “Global Women’s Project” for the amount(s) you would like to contribute to GWP on their behalf.
  3. Send your note and check to Nan Erbaugh, 47 S. Main Street, West Alexandria, OH 45381-1243.
  4. Nan will send a handwritten note to the women you would like to honor, noting that a donation has been made to GWP in their name. You may also make memorial donations which will be acknowledged on our website at http://www.globalwomensproject.org.
  5. The checks you write will be used to support women and girls in our Partner Projects in South Sudan, Rwanda, Nepal, Uganda and Wabash, IN.


Join us in the celebration and empowerment of women!


With Gratitude for Your Support of GWP!

Kim Hill Smith, GWP Treasurer

Greetings, friends of GWP!

Mother’s Day
It’s never to early to plan how to honor the important women in our lives. GWP will send a hand-written note to the women you choose to honor with a donation. To have them receive a card in time for Mother’s Day this year, please send a donation by May 5 to:
GWP c/o Nan Erbaugh
47 S Main St
West Alexandria OH 45381
(This address is for Mother’s Day donations only. Please use Elgin address for general donations.) And remember that there is no limit to the number of women you can honor. Please include the name and address for each woman you want a card sent to. Click here to learn more and here print a bulletin insert for your church to spread the word about the Mother’s Day Project.

THANK YOU for your support of our projects! We have just sent our grants for the year, so it’s time to start raising money for next year’s grants! Click here to see descriptions of the projects we support.

Easter is just around the corner (April 20), which means that the Lenten Devotional Calendar is coming to a close. We are so grateful for all those who have been following along, either by email, or by reading the paper calendar daily. Have you been tallying your money? We encourage you to send your donations in at the close of Lent. Please send them to:
Global Women’s Project
c/o Church of the Brethren
1451 Dundee Ave
Elgin IL 60120

Our March GWP Steering Committee meeting was productive and included a conversation about how our productivity has changed over the years with the change of technology available to us. We value our increased productivity and ability to raise money for our projects with increased visibility, and we try to balance it with the reality that we are a volunteer committee with full lives of our own. Holding that balance is a practice we’re committed to, even though it is not always easy.

We said good-bye to Anna Lisa Gross and gave thanks for her 7 1/2 years of dedicated service on the GWP steering committee. We wish you well, Anna Lisa!Anna Lisa Gross

Many thanks to the Warrensburg Church of the Brethren for welcoming us in your worship March 16. It was good to share time with folks in Missouri. We appreciated your gracious hosting.

Thanks for reading this update, and thank you for the many ways you support us. Keep it up!

Happy Spring to you all!

Tina Rieman
Global Women’s Project Steering Committee Member

Happy International Women’s Day!International Women's Day 2

It’s actually tomorrow, March 8, but the google browser has an animated doodle (that’s their official term for it), as if today is the day. Either way, we hope you find a meaningful way to celebrate women today.

Some churches are having special worship services this year in honor of International Women’s Day, using some of the resources on our website. Check them out here, if you’re interested. Plan ahead for next year.

Also, we want to wish you a meaningful Lent. I did not grow up with the tradition of giving something up for Lent. As an adult, however, I have often taken on giving something up or taking something on during this season. One year, I gave up TV for Lent. I liked it so much that it became a permanent change in my life for which I have been incredibly grateful. Two years ago I gave up sugar for Lent. While it didn’t create a lasting lifestyle change, it taught me many important lessons, and I’m much more conscientious about what I eat now. This year, I’m taking on the practice of writing a letter each day. (And, no, this email to you all does not count. I’m talking about a handwritten note that I send in the mail!) Even just after three days I already appreciate how I feel taking time to thoughtfully communicate with one beloved friend every day.

New Lenten calendar page

New Lenten calendar page

The other thing I’m doing during Lent is using Global Women’s Project’s new daily Lenten Devotional Calendar. It’s a good way of putting my attention on the luxuries I have and bringing my awareness to the global community. If you would like to get it, please send an email to info@globalwomensproject.org. Let us know if you’d like it sent to you one page at a time as a daily email, or as a paper copy in the mail (at no cost to you). Either way, I recommend it as an enriching practice during this season.

Next weekend the GWP Steering Committee will be meeting in Missouri. Please hold us in your prayers are we do the good work of supporting women’s empowerment and educating ourselves about global poverty and our own privilege. We’ll be participating in worship at the Warrensburg Church of the Brethren Sunday, March 16. If you’re in the area, please come see us! We’d love to connect with you.

Love and Blessings,
Tina Rieman
GWP Steering Committee


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